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Assessor’s Office

The primary responsibility of the Assessor’s office is to discover, list and value all property in its jurisdiction. The Grand List is generated each year as of October 1 and is a record of all taxable and tax exempt property. The net taxable Grand List property includes real estate, motor vehicles, personal property owned by businesses and certain personal property owned by residents (such as unregistered motor vehicles).

All property is assessed at 70% of its October 1 value. Motor vehicles and personal property are assessed at 70% of market value each year. Real Estate is revalued every five years as required by Connecticut State Statute. The Assessor’s office also administers property tax exemptions and tax relief programs.

GL 2020 MILL Rate
Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicles – 36.369

Last revaluation: GL 2016
Next revaluation: GL 2021

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Revaluation 2021
2021 is a revaluation year for the Town of Ashford.  CT General State Statute 12-62 requires the revaluation of all real estate in town every five years.  The last revaluation in Ashford was for the 10/1/2016 Grand List.  The town has contracted with eQuality Valuation Services LLC, out of Waterbury, CT.  eQuality is the software supplier for the town’s real estate database.  Property cards are currently available at the website

Improved property owners should have received a Data Mailer from eQuality, the revaluation firm working with the Assessor.  The forms were sent to owners in mid-May and included stamped, return envelopes.  IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO RETURN THEM.  If you did not receive a data mailer or you have misplaced it, email the Assessor at with your address and she will email you a copy.  The completed forms should be mailed back to the Waterbury address of eQuality in the stamped, return envelopes or placed in the black drop-box on the town hall building, to the left of the front doors.

Revaluation Inspections:
eQuality began data collection inspections of properties in July.   An Introductory Postcard, was mailed to homeowners on the inspection list to make them aware of when inspectors will be in their area of town.  Data collection inspectors wear identification badges and have a copy of a letter from the Assessor indicating they are working on the revaluation.  Inspectors have magnetic signs on their vehicles identifying them as being from the Assessor’s Office.  A list of their vehicles (make, model, color and license plate) has been provided to the State Police, Troop C and all town hall offices.  The inspector vehicle list follows:

Name Vehicle Color
Derek  Berube 2014 Kia Rio Black
David Delohery 2013 Prius Red
Jay Giri 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Grey
Peter Hyde 2014 Mazda 3 Hatchback Grey
Paul Kennedy 2012 Nissan Altima Black
Mario Panagrasso 2016 Nissan Sentra Silver
Johnathan Wells 2017 Toyota 86 White

eQuality collects and analyzes information about all properties in town, and all properties in town will be revalued. All properties will not be inspected, however.  CT General Statue 12-62(b)(3) requires each improved property in a town to be fully inspected at least once every 10 years.  CGS 12-62(a)(3) defines ‘Fully Inspect’:

“Full inspection” or “fully inspect” means to measure or verify the exterior dimensions of a building or structure and to enter and examine the interior of such building or structure in order to observe and record or verify the characteristics and conditions thereof, provided permission to enter such interior is granted by the property owner or an adult occupant.

If your property is on the inspection list, you will receive a postcard from eQuality and the Assessor’s Office notifying you that a representative will be in your neighborhood and to expect a visit.  During the visit, the data collector will perform an exterior inspection and measure, take a photo of the front of each building and ask to do an interior inspection.  If you are not comfortable with the inspector entering your home, you may provide the interior information at the door.  A Call Back Data Mailer is sent to those property owners for which interior information was not collected at the door and who have not returned the data mailers.  All commercial properties will be inspected.

If you have any questions or concerns, call the Assessor’s Office at (860) 487-4403.

New PA 490 Values will take effect for the 2021 revaluation.
Many property owners in Ashford have land classified under the PA 490 program, the lay term for a use value assessment under CT General Statutes sections 12-107a – 12-107f.  Every 5 years, the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management and the Commissioner of Agriculture are required to develop per acre values for use in setting the use assessments for farm and forest land.  These figures are made available to municipalities (see CGS 12-2b).  Farm land values are based on agricultural rents.  Forest land values are based on characteristics such as the type and density of trees, sawlog prices and tree growth rates.  Open space land values are set by the town and are not changing.

In recent years, new values were established in 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020.  Ashford implements the new values in revaluation years, which 2021 is.  The new values will affect the real estate tax bill that will be due July 1, 2022. 

PA 490 100% VALUE*

Land Classification Old Value, 2015 New Value, 2020
Tillable A $1,960 $1,880
Tillable B 1,390 1,280
Tillable C 670 1,110
Tillable D 460 850
Orchard E 1,390 990
Pasture F 140 280
Swamp, Ledge, Scrub Lands 40 40
Woodland/Forest Land 240 390
Open Space (Ashford only) 550 550
 *Your assessment is based on 70% of the table figures.



















Property Tax Relief for Low Income Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowners
Under Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 10, all program benefits have been automatically renewed for existing homeowners already enrolled and required to reapply ever two years.  You do not need to reapply for the 2020 Grand List.  Your existing tax exemption will continue for the two-year period covering taxes on the 10/1/2020 and 10/1/2021 Grand Lists.

If you are a NEW applicant, you do need to apply by May 15, 2021.   If you are a NEW applicant, you do need to apply by May 15.  Information is available by clicking here .

Property Tax Relief for Low Income Veterans
Under Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 10, all program benefits have been automatically renewed for veterans already receiving the Additional Veteran’s Exemption.  You do not need to reapply for the 10/1/2021 Grand List.  Your existing tax exemption will continue for the two-year period covering taxes on the 10/1/2021 and 10/1/2022 Grand Lists.

If you are a NEW applicant, you do need to apply by October 1, 2021.  Information is available by clicking here.  The application is available by clicking here.

Update on Concrete Foundations Affected by Pyrrhotite
Through 12/31/2020, there have been a total of 40 properties in Ashford identified as having a pyrrhotite-impacted foundation.  Almost all of them, 35 or 87.5% of the total, applied for assessment reduction over the past 5 years.  One-third (13) of the 40 properties now have replacement foundations, with eleven receiving funding through the Concrete Foundation Solutions Indemnity Co (CFSIC)) and their assessment reduction removed.  Of the five property owners who did not request an assessment reduction, two have repaired their foundations.  For more information on requesting a reassessment of your building for an affected foundation see the Documents concerning PA 21-120 and Requirements for Reassessment.

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Office Closings

The Assessor’s Office will be closed the following times and days:

Monday, 8/9/2021, 9:00 am – 2 pm
Tuesday, 8/10/2021, 9:00 am – 2 pm
Tuesday, 8/17/2021, 9:00 am – 2 pm

Please call or email the Assessor with any questions.  Many questions can be answered by reviewing the Assessor Documents, Forms & Applications, accessed by clicking the link above.

Kara J. Fishman, CCMA II, MAI
Assessor, Town of Ashford

5 Town Hall Road - Ashford, CT 06278

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