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Assessor’s Office

The primary responsibility of the Assessor’s office is to discover, list and value all property in its jurisdiction. The Grand List is generated each year as of October 1 and is a record of all taxable and tax exempt property. The net taxable Grand List property includes real estate, motor vehicles, personal property owned by businesses and certain personal property owned by residents (such as unregistered motor vehicles).

All property is assessed at 70% of its October 1 value. Motor vehicles and personal property are assessed at 70% of market value each year. Real Estate is revalued every five years as required by Connecticut State Statute. The Assessor’s office also administers property tax exemptions and tax relief programs.

GL 2021 MILL Rate – 32.265

GL 2020 MILL Rate
Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicles – 36.369

Prior revaluation Grand List:  2016
Current revaluation Grand List:  2021

Forms and publications are under the Documents/Assessor Documents page (click here) or use the links below.

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Motor Vehicle Values for the 2021 Grand List

Motor vehicle assessments for most newer models (model year of early 2000s) increased from 2020 to 2021.  Statewide, based on a survey of 129 town assessors, the average increase in motor vehicle lists for 10/1/2021 was 26.4%. In Ashford, the motor vehicle portion of the Grand List increased 26.8%.  For vehicles on the 2020 and 2021 MV lists with a model year of 2002 or newer, the average increase was 16.50%.

By class, the average increases for vehicles with a model year of 2002 or newer that was on both the 2020 and 2021 Grand Lists was:

Passenger vehicles (Class 01) 13.10%
Commercial vehicles (Class 02) 17.30%
Combination vehicles (Class 03) 12.40%
Motorcycles (Class 12) 21.40%
Recreational vehicles (Class 11 + 31) 60.22%


The increases affected passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and recreational trailers/campers and motor homes.  The reason is basic economics of supply and demand.  Some of the factors affecting supply were:

      • shipping delays related to Covid-19 and congestion at ports of entry
      • shortage of computer chips that go into vehicles
      • the reduced supply of vehicles sold into the wholesale market by rental car companies

Some of the factors affecting demand were:

  • the safety of one’s own portable vacation home during a time of Covid
  • hesitancy to use public transportation
  • the limited supply of new vehicles pushed up values of exiting vehicles

A collection of articles appearing in the media provide greater insight on the price increase.  These articles can be accessed here and here.

Impact on Motor Vehicle Taxes:  CT State Statutes allow a municipality to set one mill rate for motor vehicles and another for real estate and personal property.  Given the increase in the value of real estate in Ashford from revaluation for the 2021 Grand List, it is not possible to forecast the mill rate for the July tax bills.  Using the mill rate from the last fiscal year is not an accurate way to estimate what your taxes will be.  Most policy makers and elected officials own vehicles and are sensitive to what is affordable.

In the works, Governor Lamont has introduced legislation to limit the mill rate statewide for motor vehicles to be 29.00. The legislation also changes the statutory pricing method from the Clean Retail Value to a declining percentage of the MSRP as new.


Revaluation 2021

2021 is a revaluation year for the Town of Ashford.  CT General State Statute 12-62 requires the revaluation of all real estate in town every five years.  Revaluation is a Mass Appraisal assignment, in contrast to an Appraisal assignment for an individual property.  A Mass Appraisal “is the valuation of a universe of properties as of a given date using standard methodology, employing common data and allowing for statistical testing.”1

The town contracted with the revaluation company eQuality Valuation Services LLC, out of Waterbury, CT. The prior revaluation in Ashford was for the 10/1/2016 Grand List.

Notices went out the first week of January 2022 with phone hearings held the 2nd week.  Questions about the impact on property taxes and preliminary results are in this document, FAQS ABOUT REVALUATION.

The sales considered valid by the State of Connecticut for revaluation purposes are here and the property cards can be found by clicking Revaluation Sales Used for Residential Properties.  The property cards in this document are not in any order, except that the vacant land sales are at the end of the file.  A map of the residential neighborhoods can be found here.

A description of the processes followed in data collection and valuation is in the Revaluation Cost Book produced by eQuality.

If you have any questions or concerns, call the Assessor’s Office at (860) 487-4403.

1 The Appraisal Foundation, 2020-2021 Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPSP), Advisory Opinion 32.

New PA 490 Values take effect for the 2021 revaluation.
Many property owners in Ashford have land classified under the PA 490 program, the lay term for a use value assessment under CT General Statutes sections 12-107a – 12-107f.  Every 5 years, the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management and the Commissioner of Agriculture are required to develop per acre values for use in setting the use assessments for farm and forest land.  These figures are made available to municipalities (see CGS 12-2b).  Farm land values are based on agricultural rents.  Forest land values are based on characteristics such as the type and density of trees, sawlog prices and tree growth rates.  Open space land values are set by the town and are not changing.

In recent years, new values were established in 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020.  Ashford implements the new values in revaluation years, which 2021 is.  The new values will affect the real estate tax bill that will be due July 1, 2022. 

PA 490 100% VALUE*

Land Classification Old Value, 2015 New Value, 2020
Tillable A $1,960 $1,880
Tillable B 1,390 1,280
Tillable C 670 1,110
Tillable D 460 850
Orchard E 1,390 990
Pasture F 140 280
Swamp, Ledge, Scrub Lands 40 40
Woodland/Forest Land 240 390
Open Space (Ashford only) 550 550
 *Your assessment is based on 70% of the table figures.



















Status of Properties with Foundations Affected by Defective Concrete

Since 2015, the:

No. Foundations Replaced with captive insurance co funds (CSFIC)        14
No. Foundations fixed through other means                                                    4
No. Properties where no assessment reduction has been requested           2


GL Year No. properties receiving reduced assessments Assessment loss Mill rate Tax loss ($)
2021 25 2,459,280 32.265 79,349
2020 24 2,127,590 36.369 77,378
2019 31 2,435,895 36.836 89,729
2018 21 2,049,695 35.461 72,684
2017 15 1,353,200 34.767 47,047
2016 13 1,107,400 34.368 38,059


For more information on requesting a reassessment of your building for an affected foundation see the Documents concerning PA 21-120 and Requirements for Reassessment.

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Office Closings

The Assessor’s Office will be closed the following times and days:

Tuesday, 6/7/2022 – Wednesday, 6/8/2022 – Office is closed

Wednesday, 6/15/2022 – Office opens at noon.

Please call or email the Assessor with any questions.  Many questions can be answered by reviewing the Assessor Documents, Forms & Applications, accessed by clicking the link above.

Kara J. Fishman, CCMA II, MAI
Assessor, Town of Ashford


5 Town Hall Road - Ashford, CT 06278

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