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Planning and Zoning

The Town of Ashford has contracted with the Tyche Planning & Policy Group for for Planning and Zoning services. The Town’s Zoning Officer and Planning and Zoning Commission staff contact.

Based on the Regulations adopted by the Ashford Planning and Zoning Commission, various projects require approval from both the Building Department and the Zoning Department. While some projects must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, others, such as sheds, decks, pools, garages, small additions and new houses can be approved administratively by the Town’s Zoning Officer. In addition to issuing Administrative Zoning Permits, the Town’s ZEO is also available to provide feedback and answer questions related to the use or future use of properties in Ashford and, when necessary, enforce the Zoning Regulations.

Ashford, CT

Residential Zone Requirements

Administrative Zoning Permit Application

Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule

Zoning Map

Zoning and Subdivision Regulations


Zoning Officer: Michael D’Amato, AICP, CZEO

Land Use Clerk: Katie Connolly

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