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The following are the November 5, 2019 election results:

Position Term
First Selectman Ralph H. Fletcher 11/19/19-11/16/21
Selectman Cathryn Silver-Smith 11/19/19-11/16/21
Selectman William A. Falletti 11/19/19-11/16/21
Board of Finance Angela Desanto 11/19/19-11/18/25
Board of Finance Carl H. Pfalzgraf 11/19/19-11/18/25
Board of Finance-Alternate John C. W. Kopec 11/19/19-11/18/25
Board of Education-Ashford Alfred William Maccarone, Jr 11/5/19-11/7/23
Board of Education-Ashford Marian K. Matthews 11/5/19-11/7/23
Board of Education-Ashford Tess M. Grous 11/5/19-11/7/23
Board of Education-Ashford Tina M. Fradette 11/5/19-11/7/23
Board of Assessment Appeals Elizabeth K. Little 11/19/19-11/21/23
Board of Assessment Appeals Thomas C. Martin 11/19/19-11/21/23
Planning & Zoning Commission Nord P. Yakovleff 11/6/19-11/5/25
Planning & Zoning Commission Jeffrey C. Schillinger 11/6/19-11/5/25
Planning & Zoning Commission Richard S. Williams 11/6/19-11/5/25
Planning & Zoning Commission-Fill Vacancy Mark A. Schnubel 11/6/19-11/3/21
Planning & Zoning Commission-Alternate Douglas C. Jenne 11/6/19-11/3/21
Planning & Zoning Commission-Alternate Thomas A. Hasting 11/6/19-11/3/21
Planning & Zoning Commission-Alternate Bruce A. Depercio 11/6/19-11/3/21
Zoning Board of Appeals Susan Eastwood 11/6/19-11/8/23
Zoning Board of Appeals Michael J. Peppin 11/6/19-11/8/23
Zoning Board of Appeals-Alternate-Fill Vacancy Robert W. Brisard 11/5/19-11/3/21
Library Board of Trustees Sally S. Demars 11/19/19-11/18/25
Library Board of Trustees Pamela Summers 11/19/19-11/18/25
Board of Education-Region 19 Anthony J. Paticchio 12/1/19-12/1/23
Board of Education-Region 19 Janice A. Chamberlain 12/1/19-12/1/23
Board of Education-Region 19-Fill Vacancy Timothy Scott Rourke 11/6/19-12/1/21
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