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Board of Finance

The Board of Finance consists of six elected members and three alternate members.  Its primary function is to recommend a budget and a mill rate to the Annual Town Meeting.  The Board of Finance also has the power to designate the external auditor and to approve supplemental appropriations upon the request of the Board of Selectmen or the Board of Education.

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Board Members

  • Garth Bean (D) 11/2023
  • Jesse E. Burnham (R) 11/2023
  • Angela Desanto (D) 11/2025
  • Judith A. Austin, Chairman (D) 11/2027
  • Paul Varga, Clerk (R registered as U) 11/2027
  • John Kopec (R)  11/2025


  • Esther L. Jagodzinski (D) 11/2023
  • Christina Davis (D) 11/2027
  • Hugh M. Mackenzie (R) 11/2025

Agendas and Minutes Documents & Downloads


Ashford Tax Calculator for 2022-2023 Budget as of BOF meeting 3/10/22

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