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Board of Assessment Appeals

Board Members

  • Joseph F. Peters, Chairman (D) 11/2021
  • Thomas C. Martin (R) 11/2019 (Filled vacancy created by death of Mary Ann Simpson 6/21/2019)
  • Elizabeth Little (D) 11/2019 (Filled vacancy created by resignation of Christine Reed 3/18/19)


  • Alfred Maccarone (D) 11/2021
  • Vacant  (R) 11/2019
  • Vacanct (D) 11/2019

Agendas and Minutes Documents, Downloads & Legal Notices

Property owners wishing to file an appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals, must file the application on or before February 20th.  If February 20th falls on a Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the application must be received by the first business day prior to the 20th.  Applicants are notified by mail of the time and date the Board will hear the appeal.  The Board holds its hearings during the month of March.

Automobile owners, who wish to appeal the assessment on their vehicles, may also appear at the September meeting of the Board of Assessment Appeals.  The filing of appeal applications should occur prior to the meeting in September, although this is not a requirement.

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