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Planning and Zoning Commission Working to Develop New Zoning Regulations For Lake Areas

Planning and Zoning Commission Working to Develop New Zoning Regulations For Lake Areas

Over the last year, the Ashford Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) has been reviewing and updating the current zoning regulations. We are now working to develop regulations that are specific to the areas surrounding Lake Chaffee and Ashford Lake. The PZC recognizes the uniqueness of these areas and wants to ensure the Zoning Regulations reflect that. Currently, any activity within these areas is administered under the Residential/Agricultural zone criteria and many times the standards within that Section do not adequately address the unique and distinctive features of these properties.

The Commission is in the beginning phases of developing these regulations and is seeking input from the Lake communities and their Boards. The goal is to address issues related to undersized lots, to develop yard setbacks that are better suited for the lot sizes in these areas and, to develop requirements that better control lot coverage and stormwater runoff. These changes will facilitate appropriate development while also providing protection for these areas as they are important natural resources for Ashford.

The PZC understands the importance of seeking feedback from the people who will ultimately be affected by these regulations and as such is inviting to all landowners in these areas to participate in a short (5 minute) online survey. We ask that you submit your completed survey by May 3rd so that we can compile the results for review at our meeting on May 10th.

Landowners can access the survey by clicking the link below. Hovering over the QR code below using your mobile phone’s camera app will also direct you to the survey.

Thank you for your attention and we appreciate your willingness to provide feedback and be involved. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact the Ashford Land Use Office or your Lake Association.

Jeff Silver-Smith
Chairman, Planning and Zoning Commission


To take the survey, please click here or use the QR Code below


(open your mobile phone’s camera app and hover over the QR Code to access link)




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