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Estimated Property Tax Calculator click here

For estimation purposes only.  In CT, the value of taxable property is 70% of the true and actual value as of October 1st. The 70% value is referred to as the assessment.

Use your last year’s assessment in the red cell – Use your new assessment, as reported to you via US Mail (the NEW revaluation as of 10/1/21), in the blue cell.  Click the Calculate button to see your estimated taxes in the green cell.

Click here for Ashford Estimated Tax Calculator for 2022-2023 Fiscal Year

You MUST use the assessment associated with the NEW revaluation as of October 1, 2021 for an accurate estimate.

A home valued at $200,000 on October 1, 2020 had an assessed value of $140,000 (70% of $200,000)  Annual tax of $5,091.66 – $424.31 per month
If that same home is now valued at $250,000 on October 1, 2021 the assessed value is $175,000.  Annual tax of $5,646.38- $470.53 per month
Net increase of $554.72 per year – $46.23 per month
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