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Connecticut Department of Agriculture ALERT

An artic blast is headed our way! Pet owners are reminded that the newly enacted Public Act 22-59 Tethering and Adequate Shelter law states: when either a weather advisory or warning is issued by the National Weather Service, or outdoor environmental conditions, including, but not limited to, extreme heat, cold, wind, rain, snow or hail, pose an adverse risk to the health or safety of a dog based on such dog’s breed, size, age, thickness of coat or physical condition, no person shall (1) tether such dog outdoors to a stationary object or mobile device, including, but not limited to, a trolley or pulley, unless such tethering is for a duration of not more than fifteen minutes, or (2) fail to provide such dog adequate shelter for a duration of more than fifteen minutes, unless such person is in the presence of such dog and outdoors during such advisory or warning or exposed to such outdoor environmental conditions.

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